Everything Imagined Was All The Same

by Noah Cross

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released February 8, 2019

John Meir: Drums, Vocals
Sue Edelberg: Bass, Vocals
Taylor Turner: Guitar, Vocals

Max Meir: Trumpet

Recorded at BnB Audio Production in Chapel Hill, NC with Brett Scott
Mixed by John Meir
Mastered by Jamie King

Artwork by Jake Turney


all rights reserved



Noah Cross Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: Once Remembered, Lost In A Dream
I'm sure, I'm my Mother's son. Left alone to become undone. It's not what you ask of me, it is the way you're going about it. I'm sure, I'm my Father's son. Left alone to become undone. Brush away your tendency. I know your way, this is how it has to be.

Now my heart stops beating. I can only blame myself. All these lines I'm reading are doing damage to my health. Unbeknownst to everyone, you have put your trust in me. Dissolving connections create another awful scene.
Track Name: Constant
Gotta get away from here. I'm on store bought time - undersold. Days are all the same - waiting for a change. Repetition is breaking down.

No one said this was happening. It's gone unnoticed. Losing ground, fleeting sanity drifts to the sea.

At a loss for words. Disregarding your concern. That's why I haven't lost the fight, this is the end of the line. It's all yours.
Track Name: The Town Has Left, But We're Still Here
I slept in your bed - I wonder if anyone knows? How great it is pretending to act like it's unknown. Good times with good friends. How about we talk about something else? Too late we're in it, and now turning in yourself.

Beginning to unfold.

Never thought it would be better.

Now I'm beginning to believe in it. Got it together and give a shit. Missed out, been meaning to take medicine while everyone seems like they're on vacation. Trying to figure out what they know.

Long nights spent in. Lonely, abandoned. You ask why I always seem distracted. The best of our years have gone by, idly wasting time. You know how I always wanted something.
Track Name: Catching Trains
It's gone too far. Reminisce on peaceful times like echoes in our minds. Little known anymore - checked out of our lives.

You and I compromise, it's broken by design. How I feel is so unreal. I question my desire.

Presentation never shows minute details - hiding unflattering parts. Innate devotion becomes our greatest downfall, punished for being friends.

You and I show it's hard to want to. You and I soar, it's hard to want you.
Track Name: I Guess We're Not Kids Anymore
It's all been said and the damage is done. I won't be your shipwrecked son, alone. You tested me and the battle is won, as you reach for someone to show you didn't need me anymore.

Rolling tides and rocking boats - a carnival ride soon to be broke. Overthought and analyzed - did we commit some benevolent crime?

Confusing eyes and broken thoughts - since when is good not good enough? I lost something long ago. To be found? I guess we'll never know.
Track Name: Barstools & Folding Chairs
Quit playing hardball - everything is hinging on you again. Unjustifiably, the reason I am finding hard to pretend. You saw how I always seem to wait on you and your friends. Enough to spend all my time trying to forget.

Falling overboard, you're falling overboard. Left your ghost, caught in the bend. Now I'm ready to take on the weekend. Hold onto the places we've been. I thought it over - another canon, another friend. Hold onto wherever I've been. Thought it over - another canon, another.

Feigned apologies failing to make amends. Better left undone. Waiting for a different one. You saw how I always seem to wait on you & your friends. But I'm too old to waste my time on this.

Falling over off your nighttime paddle board. Who cared the most? Who was the last to sin? Who cares, everyone's defeated.

Pass the torch to save your friends. I bet you wont, I bet you hold onto it. Hold onto the places we've been. Thought it over - another canon, another friend. Hold onto wherever I've been.
Track Name: Coasting Through
On the weekends we're having fun. It's time to message everyone. Trying to find the words to say. Would I have it another way?

The days just fly by. I'm starting to think I'm wasting time and damaging my mind, but you gotta tell the family something nice.

I want you to know that I'm just fine. I'm letting go - I'm a satellite.

The world is blanketed today. I feel like I'm in a haze. We don't speak the same way anymore.

Sudden and perturbed - did I use a naughty word? Because I just want to ensure you think I'm cool.

I watched you start to crumble under the weight of the sun.
Track Name: Stuck Wrestling Our Youth
Lost within my room. Can I see it anymore? Howling out of tune. When it's all been said and done. Running out of time looking for no one. Take away my right to unfold in front of you.

How about we stop asking if things are working out?

Teased beyond my years. Giving up on caring why, laughing at my cries. Pried away from you. I know it's for the best, it doesn't help me get more rest. Reminded all the time how it's all in the open. Now I understand why they all look at me that way.

Dropping dimes while your friends are swatting flies. Boredom is a cruel, cruel thing - sparking up emotions. Stumble down the road, it's no big deal. Don't worry about me, I promise I'm fine.

Later in the day you'll see I'm doing more than wasting time.

I'm putting it on me to solve this. I'm putting it on me to make progress. I'm putting it on me to feel better. I'm putting it on me to make everyone happy.
Track Name: ...We Learn The Truth About The Stars
I'm out of symmetry because my mind. Displaced beings in time. Annulled in your words, speaking out of turn. In tune with every rhyme.

I hold through fingertips, now watch it go. Just so, predicting the inevitable.

Headboard, rust away.
Bed bored, tussle where you go
Rest mourned, rally from your home.
Ten more, everyone has seen it all before.

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